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Why is our board and train better?

The training style we use is motivation based, we start out extremely positive and once your dog is getting it, we move to using at your discretion a prong collar or electronic collar.  We give your dog the benefit of the doubt and are light in our corrections that we give your dog, we make sure your dog understands the commands given and the desired behavior.  We like happy dogs.

Why is it a better value?

Some of the local trainers give you a price but then add on for a leash, collar, electronic collar, and follow up lessons.  Our packages are an all inclusive, we provide the tools with the price of the package you purchase and include a go home lesson as well as three follow ups, we are not hitting you up for extra fees. This is what you deserve for the price being paid to any trainer. All dogs get a bath before they go home.

Are there any add ons

Of course there are options above and beyond the training. We will offer sanitary trims for your fluffy dogs as well as other grooming services. We will also work with you on tools that are not included in the package you choose.

The bottom line

Make sure you know what your getting and that there are no surprises once you make that deposit.


My Belgian Malinois Wafel hurt his knee a couple weeks ago, I took him for x-rays and there was nothing definitive so I just gave him rest with hopes that it would heal. Fast forward a couple weeks and he is still showing signs of pain and loss of muscle tone on that leg.  I have known for quite a while that one of the vets at Sajo Farm Veterinary Hospital was a Malinois person so I called and within an hour they had received my x-rays from another vet, reviewed his records and had me in an exam room with Dr. Johnson.  He definitely showed during the exam more pain than he had previously. The exam was fairly quick and she gave me her recommendations for Wafel who is a Mobility Service Dog, yup, a mobility service dog who is having mobility problems.  What impressed me most was that we talked for quite a while about the breed and what we both do with them, she listened to all my concerns and I never felt rushed to vacate the exam room. It was great to feel that a vet would stay in the exam room and answer any question I had and was interested in me and my dog. Aside from Dr Johnson the rest of the staff that I interacted with were very personable and friendly. After this experience Wafel will definitely be seeing Dr Johnson in the future and I will recommend her and the Sajo Farm team to my clients especially the ones with working dogs.