Grooming and Food


Two Brothers Dog Wash

Offers both full and self service grooming and the

best dog food and nutritional supplements in the area.


Service Dog


Minimum Standards for Service Dogs ServiceDog_minimum_standard_rev2a-2

Info for Psychiatric Service and Emotional Support Dogs Psychatric Service and Emotional Support Animals

Assistance Dog Laws by State Assistance Dog Laws

The ADI Public Access Test ADI.PublicAccessTest.updated.MAY14F-2


Training Tools


E-Collar Technologies 

We are proud to announce that we are now am E-Collar Technologies dealer, we chose these collars because of the low level stimulation, efficiency, and quality of their products. If you would like to learn about these collars and how they have evolved into a pain free effective training tool contact us today.

When you buy a collar from us we will also assist in setting it up properly and give instruction for proper use.

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Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital

Great vets and 24 hr emergency care. They have always taken great care of my Mastiff who is a patient and Blood Donor.

Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Baker is one of the best vets in the area, he services all of the Southeast German Shepherd Rescue dogs and I always look forward to seeing him.

Sajo Farm Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Johnson is amazing. You will not have any questions when you leave, she takes the time to give you personal service. This is where my Malinois goes see my review here.


Rescues I work with

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue

K9 Justice League

Forever Home Rescue

Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue